TECHNICAL pricing factors VALUE site’s domain name

In the secondary market sale of domains, items listed above in the pricing impact is insignificant, are important mainly …

Hours of authoritative resources:

Registration in trust (authoritative) network directories usually paid: Yandex,, Sic, Rambler (rating directory), as well as western directories: Yahoo, DMOZ (ODP DMOZ), Internet Archive (machine registers sites age 2-3 years), and others.
Registration in all search engines online if they supported the language of your website. For example, no one will find Russian-language website in Chinese search engines, so there is no sense of his record, search engine spiders will only load in vain hosting.
Search Engine Ranking: Google Page Rank, Alexa Trafic Rank, TIC Yandex.
The number of backlinks, backlinks (backward links) to a site in the search engines: Google, Yahoo!
Number of indexed pages, search engines accounted for advertising a site, ie for transmissions to the site.
The number of references that gives the appearance of a site on the net.
Specifications resource:

The number of unique articles;
The average volume of all articles in the number of characters;
Kopirayterskogo quality design html-tags, ie article written just as in a conventional notebook or using tags html formatting text.
Kopirayterskogo quality design seo-promotion, ie special selection of titles, optimization content articles, namely the correct tagging, a clear separation of articles by category, etc.
In kopirayterstve no clear some frameworks have established an overall average prices of various kinds of text. For a basis of the average of the text can be taken (default) value of 1K (one thousand) characters around $ 5. Thus, we have, for example, 100 articles, each about 3-5k characters, take an average of 4k. It is not difficult to calculate that the tech blog said volume may have a minimum recommended value: SUM = 4*5*70 = $ 1,400, which will be padded with similarly marketing, seoshnyh, design, engineering and other value defining the minimum final cost of the site.

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