Names of a million 25 most expensive domains of all time

Sold in 2010 for $ 1,750,000 was sold at auction DOMAINFest in Florida in May 2012. Unfortunately, no information about the buyer is not informed.

Today, the site is in beta mode. Here you can pick up an escort to travel to the US without any restrictions on the orientation, color or creed, and give feedback to help make life even better. Although much much better than that?

Sold in 2009 for $ 1,760,000

Travel services – profitable business. Therefore it is not surprising that such a friendly name flew a lot of money a company that operates in the segment of travel in Europe and Asia.

Travelzoo has spent a lot of money for the domain, which today still serves its original function – selling plane tickets. For example, I immediately offered it to see the next flights with departure from the city. While in Kiev would be more convenient, of course.

Sold in 2007 for $ 1,800,000

The year 2007 was very successful for a guy named Paige Howe, who sold two domains – each of the seven figures. Firstly, (now an online magazine for stylish and curious youths) – for $ 1 million. And secondly,, which Paige bought for $ 100,000, and sold 18 times more expensive.

Howie accurately determine the potential name: love for all ages, and with the development of Internet penetration among the people “strongly over 30”, the name was suddenly perfect for creating specific dating site.

Today on lonely older people can find a partner. In Ukraine, the service, by the way, also works.

Sold in 2007 for $ 2,100,000

The deal that brought the previous domain owner more than two million dollars at auction names TRAFFIC, little is known. The buyer’s name is not reported, as well as unknown, and the reason for his interest in In any case, today again domain may be for sale.


TECHNICAL pricing factors VALUE site’s domain name

In the secondary market sale of domains, items listed above in the pricing impact is insignificant, are important mainly …

Hours of authoritative resources:

Registration in trust (authoritative) network directories usually paid: Yandex,, Sic, Rambler (rating directory), as well as western directories: Yahoo, DMOZ (ODP DMOZ), Internet Archive (machine registers sites age 2-3 years), and others.
Registration in all search engines online if they supported the language of your website. For example, no one will find Russian-language website in Chinese search engines, so there is no sense of his record, search engine spiders will only load in vain hosting.
Search Engine Ranking: Google Page Rank, Alexa Trafic Rank, TIC Yandex.
The number of backlinks, backlinks (backward links) to a site in the search engines: Google, Yahoo!
Number of indexed pages, search engines accounted for advertising a site, ie for transmissions to the site.
The number of references that gives the appearance of a site on the net.
Specifications resource:

The number of unique articles;
The average volume of all articles in the number of characters;
Kopirayterskogo quality design html-tags, ie article written just as in a conventional notebook or using tags html formatting text.
Kopirayterskogo quality design seo-promotion, ie special selection of titles, optimization content articles, namely the correct tagging, a clear separation of articles by category, etc.
In kopirayterstve no clear some frameworks have established an overall average prices of various kinds of text. For a basis of the average of the text can be taken (default) value of 1K (one thousand) characters around $ 5. Thus, we have, for example, 100 articles, each about 3-5k characters, take an average of 4k. It is not difficult to calculate that the tech blog said volume may have a minimum recommended value: SUM = 4*5*70 = $ 1,400, which will be padded with similarly marketing, seoshnyh, design, engineering and other value defining the minimum final cost of the site.